Citronhead Lures was created to fill a need for a gift that can express greetings with the angler in mind. During a recent hospital stay, my concerned daughter said she was going to bring me a “Get Well Teddy Bear”. I responded with “If you really want to get me something to cheer me up, get me a Get Well fishing lure.” I searched the internet and could not find a “Get Well Lure”. So Citronhead Lures was created.

Citronhead Lures is your one stop shop for custom lures. We provide spoon type lures with common greetings and novelty sayings. Or let us know what you would like to say on your lure and we will create it for you. Many colors and styles to choose from with more being added all the time. All lures are complete and functional, so they are not just for expressing yourself, but they can and will catch fish.