Citronhead Lures was created to fill a need for a gift that can express greetings with the angler in mind. 

During a recent hospital stay,  my concerned daughter said she was going to bring me a “Get Well Teddy Bear”. I responded with “If you really want to get me something to cheer me up,  get me a Get Well fishing lure.”  I searched the internet and could not find a “Get Well Lure”. So I decided to start a line of fishing lures with greetings on them. 

So for the angler in your family that would rather receive a lure than just about anything, we offer Citronhead greeting lures. And now we have expanded to include novelty lures and custom lures.

Why the name Citronhead? My late brother and I grew up fishing together and he always called me “Citronhead”. I am not sure why he did, but the name stuck. In memory of my brother Don, I give you Citronhead Lures.